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Damn wiper arms scrape against hood removing paint in the process while trying to lift them up to clean windshield.

Anyone else have an unsettled feeling thinking our cars were rushed into production, or are VW engineers just clueless???
That's a typical VW thing, it's not specific to this model. You have to put them in Service Mode to fully raise the arm.

Press the start button twice within a second (foot off the brake, so the car doesn't start)
Tap down on the wiper stalk.

Wipers will swing up to Service Position, do the same to get out of Service Mode.

FWIW, I never raise my wipers off the windshield to sweep the snow. If they're frozen, you run a risk of tearing the blade. I've just relied on the heated park position to melt off the snow and a taller bristle brush to go over the wipers
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