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Was bored and decided to take a trip down to a state forest and check out some of the trails. The Taos handled it well, I think upgrading to the Crossclimate2s really helped with the mud, it did quite a bit better than I expected for a FWD car. The biggest issue wasn't FWD but rather the (lack of) ground clearance. Scraping the bottom on the ground was common, and while there's no damage it definitely requires some care. Not the best time of the year though, with all the snowmelt and rain there was a lot of mud, and I couldn't go more than a few hundred yards down any given trail before running into a big mud pit I wasn't willing to chance.

But it handled what I did great, and was great fun! Maybe I'll revisit in the summer when hopefully the trails are a bit less muddy.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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