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They're finally starting to come to the U.S.! The first shipment of Taos' have left the port of Veracruz and are on their way!

  • The first shipment of this model to the U.S. market departed from the port of Veracruz
Veracruz, Mexico — With the departure of the first units from the port of Veracruz, Volkswagen de México began exporting the all-new Taos, which is produced at the Puebla plant.

Loaded on board the Mediterranean Highway vessel, which is part of the fleet used by the Volkswagen Group, these vehicles are destined for different ports in the United States.

"With the departure of the first units of the New Taos to the U.S. market, Volkswagen de México completes one more goal in time, marking the success story of this SUV, despite the challenges in their manufacturing due to the Coronavirus pandemic," said Dr. Susanne Lehmann, Director of Production for the North American Region of Volkswagen who added: "We estimate that this model will have very good acceptance in the North American market, which recognizes the quality of vehicles made in Mexico by Volkswagen".

The production of the Taos began in October 2020 for the Mexican market. In early February of this year, Volkswagen de México announced the start of manufacturing of this SUV for export markets, an action that now continues with the first shipment of production units.

In October 2020, the German carmaker's maritime export network incorporated a new departure point for its units, with the first shipment of Jetta, Tiguan and Golf (a model that ceased production at the Puebla plant in February of this year) units from the port of Lazaro Cardenas, in the State of Michoacán, also destined for the U.S. market.

With more products in foreign markets, and the expansion of its transportation routes, Volkswagen de México continues to strengthen its position as an exportation center of light vehicles, and contributes to the Mexican automotive industry, which is the main economic activity that generates foreign currency for the country.

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