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Just watched the reviews of the pre-production FWD (reviewed by Redline) and AWD (reviewed by Roadshow) models.

According to Sofyan of Redline who test drove a pre-production FWD (8-speed slushbox with torson beam rear axle) model:
Taos feels small (in a good way) compared to the Tiguan and Atlas ( both massive)
Feels nimble, feels like a taller Golf
8-speed tranny is a bit lethargic at times when asking it to downshift while doing full throttle
Good amount of body lean but surprisingly stable
Definitely feels more fun to drive (Sportier) than the Tiguan that has 30 more HP.
Great ghassis (MQB) that feels stiff
Steering is quick and responsive
Suspension is soft but it handles very well

According to Emmie of Roadshow who drive the pre-production AWD (8-spd DCT with a multilink independent rear suspension) model:
Expecting a cheapy entry level crossover but that is not the case. Feels she might like it better than the Mazda CX5 which is her benchmark for well-handling crossovers. The Taos is really good.
The engine is super torquey. Throttle response is great.
Steering is pretty direct with not a ton of feedback but it is as expected for its price range.
Some body roll but it does not get out of sorts and it is really kind of fun.

First impressions seems to be very good!

I noticed that both models didn't have paddle shifters or a Driving Mode button which are available in the Brazilian and Argentine versions. What's up with that VW?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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