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Vapor lock???

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Hottest day I have driven the car on Sunday. I have never experienced the turbo lags others suffer from. And as odd as it sounds, I DO believe the car learns how I drive.

But from the start Sunday I had to press the pedal 2 to 4 times the distance ever before to get any response. And it was weaker than ever before. Very concerning.

Did not drive yesterday.
Today it’s 72 degrees and back to normal.

Vapor lock??
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Vapor lock wouldn’t effect the throttle pedal. It would cause fuel starvation.
So many people have experienced issues with lag (I’m not one of them) I’ve driven mine in 120 degrees all the way down to zero and no issue whatsoever. YES it definitely does drive differently to my other bigger displacement/turbo cars but I think that’s just how these new tiny power unit cars are.
I’m sure at some point there will be a service bulletin out for this.
I'm not sure vapor lock is a thing anymore in modern engine designs. it used to hapen in carbs often in the heat when using low octane fuel (higher volaltility), still happens in mowers.

I'd check to see if there were any codes that didnt trigger a CEL.
I will check the codes.

But would';t vapor lock exhibit just that way? Starvation so needing to try to give the car more gas just to limp.

Only other thought would be a little water in the tank..

Back with codes if any.
vapor lock is gaseous fuel in the carb or fuel line that can't be pumped. it would starve the engine for sure. there was another post-er that said they got some contaminated fuel and it caused all sorts of thing to go weird.
Contaminated/bad fuel that separated during high heat?
Contaminated/bad fuel that separated during high heat?
Possible I guess. Seems fine now. Just two trips that one day.
Top your car off with premium if the tank is still mostly full. Otherwise get an ordinary fill up and see if it happens again.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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