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Upgrade to Automatic Climate Control?

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I have a 4 Motion SE with IQ Drive and am really wishing I had spent the extra on an SEL. However getting into the mid $30s was not something I was willing to do on this one. My wife's 2020 Jetta R Line has automatic climate control and the loaner Tiguan during the recall wait also had it. I really miss it! It looks like the module should be interchangeable between the manual climate and automatic.

Anyone have any information indicating this could work or have already done it? I dug around online some but haven't found anything real helpful. Also, I recognize getting parts could still be a while out but if it's possible, I'd at least get in line for the parts with my dealership.

Thank you!
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It's probably way more than just the face plate with different controls. Computer module plus vent motors etc. Prob way expensive, guessing.....
My guess is you would have to replace the entire AC/Heating system in car - dealer will probably tell you it is not worth it and car may not be wired to accept Climatronic anyway. Way to much work! Also may void warranty!

Standard system:
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There are also other sensors, etc. not shown here, probably cost more than just trading in for an SEL!
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Wow, thanks for the time and details in reply!

Sadly, it wasn't much more for the SEL we considered! i really wanted to deal on both. The headlights, leatherette seats, cooled seats and the much nicer instrument cluster......
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