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UPDATE: Rockville 10” Under-seat Sub Installed and REMOVED! Rockford Fosgate 10” added

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After trading in my 19’ GLI with a 12”Sub box in the trunk, decided to add some decent bass without all the space. Reviewed quite a bit on some underseat subs on the market, I settled on this one from Rockville. Price was $150 on Amazon, which includes a built in Amp and Bass control switch. This thing is heavy too…about 13 lbs! Once my LOC and power wiring come, I’ll install this thing…I opted for a 4 channel LOC incase I get greedy and want to install 2 of these things lol…my goal is to install these on the rear seat back…more to come once install but for now here are some pics…
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I’ve been looking to do this but with a more reputable brand. I just have to find time to take measurements and see what will fit under the front seat(s)
Yeah I did some research before buying and this one ranks higher than the other brands out there. I checked the regulars Kicker, Alpine, JBL, etc. and all ranked lower than the Rockville. If I install it and I don't like it, at least the wiring is done to install something else.

on a side note, I'm tackling this 5/28 :)
Done…didn’t take too long as the hardest part believe it or not was arranging the wires under the rear seat and getting it back in place. If anyone is tackling this, it’s super easy….I used 4g wiring and if you do it, I suggest 8g . This thing sounds pretty damn good for what it is! Adds some bass to the factory setup… it’s not gonna blow the doors off anyone or win an SPL show but for $150, it’s great!!! And I retain ALL my trunk space

Wire loom coming as well…

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What are you using to get a signal to the woofer and how did you access it?
I picked up a LOC from PAC model SNI15. Super easy to tap into the speaker wire of the left side.

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After a day of owning, I will say…this thing is great…if you listen to music other than hip hop or metal. The lows don’t get down far enough and you can hear it “missing” those bass notes. I listen to all styles including HipHop so for me, I’m going to exchange it for something else that can get the lower tones.

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So I removed the Rockville combo Sub/Amp in favor of a powered Rockford Fosgate 10” Sub (P300-10T). This thing hits! I was going to get a JBL Basspro Hub but they are sold out a lot of places locally. Loved the fact that I can use 8AWG with the RF and it’s CEA-26 certified 300watts, not some overinflated wattage claim.
Not too big and still gives me the majority of space needed for mobility. All in all, I’m happy….for now. Lol…..onwards to replacing door speakers and tweeters

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