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Same problem with my Taos SE, terrible sound. I've looked into the problem a, lot, bitched to VW in Omaha, bitched at its engineering prowess, but still can't get specs on Taos SE 2022 sound system.
So one could buy replacement speakers BUT I don't know the power capacity of the radio amp. A VW dealer in OK sent a picture of the speakers, they appear to be 2 Ohms, 50 Watts. If true, thats lousy too, since they need to be about 200 W speakers to give good power without volume being fully up. So if you replace qualty 8 Ohm 200 Watt speakers in to the Taos, the amp may not deliver the current to get better oomph or perforformance. However, It could be that all 4 speakers are in series ( totaling 8 Ohms) - to test this I would need to disconnect one speaker ( havent done this test yet). If there is no sound, they are in series. Otherwise the amp is pumping Current into a very low resistance speaker with low power and and it will sound horrible as noted. But without knowing the amp drive capacity, you could blow the amp by shorting wires or putting in a wrong wattage speaker so be careful.
In general, to get power the amp needs to deliver current to its load ( speakers) and if it's a piss- poor amp we are all screwed by VW. If the amp is OK, but the speakers are shitty cheap ones as suspected, their replacement may help. It's experimental at this stage.
VW should honor its customers and fix the problem or give us all our money back as a lemon car.
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