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This past weekend I was visiting New York from Massachusetts when I was involved in an accident. Tina (my 2022 Taos SEL) was stopped when it was hit in the left front. None of the bags went off because I was not going above the speed required but she protected my two friends and myself. The whole nose of the car including the motor was pushed to the right. The kid claimed to be doing only 28mph in his Civic but I don’t believe it. Both frame rails were bent and the entire front end was demolished. The hood latch gave up and said see ya. Everyone including the police and fire to the body shop couldn’t understand how none of us were injured. To be honest it did not feel like a bad accident until o got out and looked at the front of the car. I will be replacing Tina with another Taos, (2023 Cornflower Blue SEL) that will hopefully be here in 3 weeks.
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