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As the nighttime temps start to fall... I need to make a decision on winter tires for the SE 4motion. In past vehicles, I have had good luck with steelies and various mfgs of winter tires... all ordered from DTD and Tirerack... stored in my storage bldg and bolted on in the driveway. I am now turning 62, and even with the help of a 2 wheel cart, usually experience discomfort in back/legs for a few days after the change over. With the Taos, I say F it... no more wheel/tire sets... from now on I will have winters put on in fall... summers put on in spring.

The lowest price I can find today is from Simpletire, mounted at a shop 20 minutes north of my home...$690.

The next is Best One at a shop 39 minutes south of my home... $850

At the same price is Costco... 45 minutes south. .. $850

The VW stealership is next in price... 45 minutes south...$890.

Discount Tire brick & mortar is tops in price... $210 over Simpletire... 45 minutes south. .. $900.

All prices change 1-2 times a month... and mfg rebates come and go.

All "quotes" are mounted/balanced... with tire repairs free.

The first independent shops have no place around them to kill the wait time. Costco, the stealership, or Direct have shopping adjacent to kill the wait time. Years ago, I had all kinds of negative interactions with Sams Club... and Costco reminds me of that shop. But with holiday grocery shopping coming, and the Costco snack bar of earthly delights... I am almost ready to pony up $60 online for the membership

Anyone with Costco tire exerience?
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