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Rain Water when Sitting!!!!!

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Sorry I Didn't Search Enough.
After the vehicle sits day, or night when you put down the front windows (using the sweeps) Rain water enters the vehicle and gets onto the door panels etc. Wt...
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I noticed this also... my worst incident was at the local Mcdonalds, which had a recent remodel. The awnings over the 2 drive thru windows dump a large amount of rain onto the roof, which dumps into my door interior panel when I lower the window. I am patiently waiting on AVS to release a set of window visors.
So since the rain channels/gutters are improperly designed we have to lay out money? I don't like adding crap on but I guess I have no choice. VOA should at least make them and sell them at 10% over cost. Good thing I worked at and still keep connected to that dealership.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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