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I have been dealing with some random and hard to diagnose issues. When I am listening to FM radio the car will randomly try to switch to Car Play. Music will shut off, my dashboard will show that it is trying to connect to Car Play and then within 5 seconds going back to the radio. Sometimes it will happen repeatedly and sometimes it wont happen for days. The phone is typically unplugged and not being touched when it happens, so it is not a random app trying to play audio. The radio system was completely replaced a few months back and it continues to happen. Software is up to date.

The car has also had issues with the dashboard changing the display on start up and not letting me change it back. Eventually it goes back by itself. I have also had the whole radio/ infotainment system shut off and reset itself numerous times while driving and random times where the audio just doesn't work for a short period.

It has now been looked at 7x by the dealership and they have no idea what else to do. If anyone has had this or similar issues I would love to hear about it.

2022 SE purchased 11/2021
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