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Would you be kind to share why did you buy 4Motion or FWD? Would like to here your thoughts? What the benefit? I do drive off road. Plus I drive to Lake Tahoe a lot. Plus I drive in really bad weather (hard rain) and high wind in the rain (hence why I as thinking 4Motion).

Wanted to understand the buying process based on what others have experienced? Thank you in advanced for sharing your experience.

Wanted to know if asking to put my name on a list to order is like asking for the world? As I wanted to put my name on a list since they didn't have any.

Am I asking for the world - trying to find a Taos SEL 4Motion (may be a front wheel drive.. might b) with the following features...
  • Cornflower blue
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Black interior (no java interior)
  • Rear bumper cover (is this something the dealer can install ?)

Thank you,
Alice Ma
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