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"PERMANENT" Air Filter?

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Good day to you all!
Took delivery of my 2022 SE 4Motion late last night.
So far so good (80 miles later).

I am not up to speed on my VW engines, intakes, etc.

Wondering if there is an AFE, AEM, etc-style air filter for the 1.5T engine?
Looking for dry, not oiled and not looking to do a CAI or anything to that effect.

Thanks in advance!
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i Haven’t found anything yet but I do know the euro T-Roc shares the same engine… that will be where to look
There's no benefit to doing so. Performance would be the only reason to do so, and you definitely won't be adding any ponies swapping to a less restrictive panel filter. And you'll be allowing a lot more dust and dirt into your engine. And considering you only need to replace them every 25-30k ish miles the cost to do so vs a "lifetime" filter just makes sense.
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If one is to go to a proper CAI, exhaust needs to get upgraded as well.

Don't do this if mpg is important. More air in, more fuel in.
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Forge motorsport does make something for the t-roc.

I'm wondering about this intake for the last year.

It should fit. But if it doesn't... It's almost 1k (Cad) I loose so...

They also have dump valve / recirculation valve :

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