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Initially I was loving this vehicle, however i am starting to second guess myself because of a variety of issues, any feedback or comments on the following:
1) CEL came on, pulled a P0196 code, randomly I was looking at the oil temperature readout and it would bounce from ~163 to ~183 in a few seconds like there's a loose connection or a ton of electrical noise. I don't believe the temperature can physically change that fast unless the sensor is getting splashed intermittently. There was a second code but being unfamiliar with the scanner I reset the faults before noticing I was looking at 1 of 2. During this time the vehicle drove fine but the fuel economy was low, 35MPG, where I am used to 42MPG (highway)...
2) Twice while coming to a stop on a slight incline the vehicle fails to detect the subsequent accelerator pressure, it just sits at an idle, fat dumb and happy. I manually shifted into 1st gear and then it would rev and drive, seems like a S/W bug...??
3) Twice the cruise control has faulted once while not even in use... seems like an electrical noise issue.
4) Under light to moderate breaking there's brake pedal pulsation and vehicle vibration, feels like front passenger wheel area, as if a rotor is warped. The vehicle only has 17500 miles on it, mostly highway miles. My driving style is about flowing with traffic and maximizing fuel economy so I certainly don't feel like I abuse the braking system!

Thoughts or similar experiences? Bought the Taos new last April, waiting for our service appointment at the dealership...

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