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Hey y'all. I've officially owned my 2022 Taos S 4Motion for a month now, and wanted to share some of the things I've added/replaced on the car.

  • SE Rims / 18" Tires
  • Hood Deflector
  • Roof Cross Bars
  • 5% Window Tint
  • Front and Rear Wipers
  • Seat Covers
  • Steering Wheel Cover
  • Infotainment Screen Protector
  • Center Console Armrest Cover
  • Center Console Organizer
  • VW Sport Pedal Covers
  • Weathertech Trunk Liner
  • Compustar Remote Starter with Drone Upgrade
  • Rearview Mirror Dash Camera

If any of y'all are interested in any of these products, comment below and I'll post the link to where they were purchased.
I’d be interested in the steering wheel cover and screen protector! Just got a Taos last week!

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Mine has been home with me for just a few days short of a month.

Paid the state their fees, and hung my plates on an EOS euro bracket...

Layered the first coat of the new Turtle Wax ceramic spray for black cars...

Dog goes for teeth cleaning & checkup in the AM... plan on stopping at stealership with my $25 coupon to order f/r splashguards.

Looking at endless crossbars/racks/boxes....

Waiting for AVS and Crutchfield to recommend some products...

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Finally put the cross bars on my Taos SEL to take my Kayak to San Francisco (forgot to take pictures). I used what's in my garage, the crossbars were Tule and were bought for a Subaru Crosstrek 2021 last August. Anyway they fit perfectly and I could open the panoramic roof (no issues).
For the kayak attachment I used my Yakima holy rollers (about 15+ years old). I love them because I want to be able to load my kayak by myself so I spend the extra bucks years ago and bought a nice kayak attachment. I also used the REI locking straps too (love these).

Again everything worked with kayak on top of my Taos I could open the panoramix roof and it didn't touch anything.

Why I bought the Tule cross bars vs the Subaru Crosstrek bars was because my friends who own Subaru all told me the OEM SUBARU (do not know about VW) cross bars eventually bend. So that's why I spend the extra bucks and bought Tule (or Yakima.. both are excellent products) . Plus it's all interchangeable and it's secures your stuff on top of your car. YEP!

Plus I'm able to pretty much shop in my garage vs having to rebuy cross bars and kayak attachments for every new car. So in the long run - I'm getting my money's worth and money well spent.

BTW: Plus the Yakma and Tule can be sold. I sold the rack mounts/feet for my previous car and older set of much longer cross bars and it helped pay for the new cross bars.
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