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New Taos SE Owner

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Hey guys! Just picked up my Taos SE in Dusk Blue Metallic. 2022 with 1k miles....smoking discount ($23K!!!!) and registered as new via VW not used/CPO Not new to VW’s (I think I’m on #14 lol) and love this thing so far. I have some plans for it in the near future…nothing crazy but by no means do I plan to keep it stock! Plans include:
-Solowerks Coils
-Some sort of “Meaty Tire” set up
-1.5t ECU tune when avail
-Power Trunk Addition
-Folding Mirror Addition
-Sub Install
-BaseCamp flare Kit (possibly)
-Other ROW Tharu/ Taos/ SEL bits as available

...but for now since she’s less than 1 week old, I’ll swap out the interior lights for LED’s and the pedals (sorry a little dirty lol)
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Fresh! Enjoy. I am truly jealous of your $ rate. My Taos has 30,000 miles already and it is running great with no major problems. I advice you to stay vigilant of your back breaks, I had mine replaced at 26,000 miles.
Thanks! Yeah I’ve read that on here from a few folks… I’ll have to get an OBD device and some better pads once they start to go down. So far she runs great!!!
Meaty tires and lowering? That’s an interesting decision.
Base camp for the win for sure
Yeah slight drop but some taller tires rather than extreme low pro’s…will be interesting to get the offset and size correct for the stance I want but that’s my goal. As for BC, I think it would good with that setup and appropriate wheel/tire set up.

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Debadge today before the underseat sub install tomorrow!

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