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New Taos SE Owner

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Hey guys! Just picked up my Taos SE in Dusk Blue Metallic. 2022 with 1k miles....smoking discount ($23K!!!!) and registered as new via VW not used/CPO Not new to VW’s (I think I’m on #14 lol) and love this thing so far. I have some plans for it in the near future…nothing crazy but by no means do I plan to keep it stock! Plans include:
-Solowerks Coils
-Some sort of “Meaty Tire” set up
-1.5t ECU tune when avail
-Power Trunk Addition
-Folding Mirror Addition
-Sub Install
-BaseCamp flare Kit (possibly)
-Other ROW Tharu/ Taos/ SEL bits as available

...but for now since she’s less than 1 week old, I’ll swap out the interior lights for LED’s and the pedals (sorry a little dirty lol)
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Fresh! Enjoy. I am truly jealous of your $ rate. My Taos has 30,000 miles already and it is running great with no major problems. I advice you to stay vigilant of your back breaks, I had mine replaced at 26,000 miles.
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