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New Member Stalling Question!

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Hi folks. Just moved cross country from CA to MA and sold my Audi in CA. ALMOST bought a Taos SEL yesterday but on the showroom floor, had a ding and could not negotiate a price I was comfortable with. And THEN found you folks and the recall, stalling issues.

Seems most messages are 4-5 months old. Has this been fixed and properly dealt with? Should I have any concern buying an SEL 4 Motion?

Appreciate your advice.


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I'd say get one if that is the type of suv you're looking for. VW in general doesn't negotiate prices very much because they are very competitive already. you can't expect to get much more than $1000 even with club buying programs like Costco or Sams. I thought the price for a SEL was very reasonable at ~$35k. everybody else is near or over 40k.

there are people that have had very specific and individual issues on this forum, not systemic across all users. some of it is expectation based. turbos don't drive like non-turbos and DSG doesn't drive like an automatic.

part of me wonders if VW is being extra careful with issuing recalls after the cost of dieselgate and they are now doing a better job. not sure.. Mine has only had the issue with the sometimes stuck gas vapor valve. so far I just reset the light every now and then and next time we're at the dealer we'll mention it. that issue doesn't impact driving at all

we really like the ride, driving is fun. exceptional MPG for an AWD and good acceleration. way better than you'd think for a 1.5L
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Thanks. Seems like a lot of folks at least DID have the issue with stalling. A concern I did not know about before this forum.
There is an active recall open for an ECU flash that fixes the stalling issue. If you bought one today, that update would be applied prior to you taking delivery (as well as fuel line test)
I took delivery of my Taos SE at the end of December. It feels like they've fixed all the major issues. For example, the accelerations don't feel like what people described 4-5 months ago. I'd say just take a test drive and trust how you feel.
If you buy make sure all the recalls are complete!
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