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Need Tailgate Struts

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I am searching for 2 tailgate struts for my 2022 Taos. I am unable to find VW factory ones and am now thinking of ordering through the aftermarket. Any suggestions or direction on the topic would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Here is the part number. I found a few available online

Question: why do you need 2? Lack of wide availability is likely due to lack of widespread need for such a part on the 1st couple years of production.
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I was going to ask this too.
Maybe he backed up into something with the liftgate up?
Liftgate was open and garage door inadvertently closed snapping both struts. Definitely a freak occourance and no other damage to either the car or the door. Completely understand that the availability is based on the newness of the car. I secured replacements from information relayed on this forum. Thank you.
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