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Thought I'd hope on here to share my experience with the 2022 Taos.
I'm leasing the vehicle, and signed papers in July of 2021. In early September I received a recall notice and took it to the dealership right away, when I dropped it off I also communicated there was a thumping noise coming from under the front passenger side of the car. It failed the recall test, this was on 9/11/2021, today is 12/28/2021 and they still have the vehicle. It took them 3-months to get parts for the recall and when they finally fixed the recall issue, they said they finally diagnosed the thumping noise as a wheel bearing issue and couldn't return the car to me as it was not safe to drive. They then told me, they didn't have parts to fix it. I filed a claim with VW Corporate Customer Care and they have been checking in with me every two weeks. It will be FOUR MONTHS this Saturday. When I received their update today, they said the dealership was still working on the "axel" issue and they would follow up with me again next week. So...the saga continues with no end in sight.
They have provided me with a rental.
I hope this helps everyone.
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