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2023 SEL Cornflower Blue
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I got my 2023 SEL yesterday and there's a knife-style scratch on the front chrome piece right below the emblem. Unfortunately I didn't catch it before I took it off the lot. It's not from a car, it's not from a stone, it's from something sharp and flat bc it's deep and straight and 1+ inch long. It looks like something that probably happened during prep/delivery. There's also a rock chip in that chrome piece now on the other end. Thankfully they are not in the paint, or that would be really expensive!

Is there a way to remove that piece without causing commotion to the car? Is it possible to buff or improve on it without dulling the chrome?

Does anyone have experience with the [30-day] guarantee with something like this?? It might be a dealer guarantee. Did yours have it?
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