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1) (see photo below) I just got home from running an errand. I am sitting in my driveway. There are no 60 mph roads I use to get to/from my home within 7 miles. In fact, to get to my driveway after entering the subdivision I have to pass by several 25 mph signs. Guess I should not rely on the speed limit system.

2) (see photo below) there's a new message that now randomly appears in the digital cockpit from the climate control system. Thought you might find this interesting or at least funny. I'm guessing it's a "feature" on the SEL?

3) I found out Wednesday (Nov 17) that there is a new software update to the infotainment system. The dealer is hoping it will fix the following problems with the infotainment and navigation systems in my SEL: (a) boot real slow (b) infotainment fails to boot at all (c) nav system will not load (d) everything reboots while driving causing a complete loss of media, comm, nav, etc. One time the infotainment system rebooted while it was rebooting.

FYI: I spent 3 hours Wednesday (Nov 17) and 7 hours yesterday (Nov 19) waiting in the dealership as they tried to install the updates. It is my understanding that the VW servers went down or froze during both download attempts causing the installs to fail both times. Vehicle is now sitting in the dealership till Mon or Tues at best. Very glad wife has a car!

Is anyone else getting worried about the resale value? I see more and more negative posts about the Taos showing up on other automotive websites. Doubtful, but I sure hope VW does something with TSB's and recalls before our values tank. If there's anything we can do to encourage VW to fix the issues, now might be a good time to do it. I reached out to VW Customer Care but they have little knowledge and no experience with the Taos.

No replies needed, just thought I'd pass along the photo and some info.

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