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My "Low IQ SEL" has tossed two new issues at me some of you might be interested in knowing about. They are annoying and distracting while driving. I hope these don't happen with your vehicle.

(1) Situation: The headlight switch is set to Auto. It is the middle of the day. The skies are overcast and somewhat dark as a storm front approaches. The Taos turns the headlights to full on.

Based on "encouragement" by other drivers, if I try to correct what the Taos has done by turning the headlight switch to OFF, the Taos responds immediately by displaying a "TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON!" message in the digital cockpit that takes over the entire center section. Most important, at that point I am locked out of all steering wheel controls. I can't even use the fwd/back buttons to change what appears in the center of the digital cockpit. Only if I turn the headlights back to Auto or On can I use any of the steering wheel controls.

(2) Situation: As I head out to work early in the AM I turn on the auto bright lights as I drive thru my subdivision to get to the highway. After pulling onto the highway, the brights automatically turn off when another vehicle approaches but they do not turn back on after the vehicle passes. To get the brights to turn back on I have to first turn them off by pulling hard on the lever twice, then push forward hard and hold before they turn back on.

This is the 1st vehicle I've had that tries to control me and apparently knows more about my driving situations and environments than I do. I am shocked that the NHTSA would allow a vehicle on the road that displays messages that block valuable information in the driver's display and has been programmed to lock the driver out of systems while driving.

Given the failures by AEB, ACC, LW, and RCTA, I know for sure that my SEL has a low IQ/Drive. I'm guessing now it needs counseling!

I need to get rid of this thing, it's just too dangerous for my family.
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