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Love for the Taos

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I bought a new 2022 Taos SE for my wife about a month ago and we've put 1,500 miles on it so far. We absolutely love it and I did not expect that we would. In fact I was not even shopping for the Taos. My wife's previous daily driver was a 2010 Tiguan S with 160,000 miles on it. We loved that car despite having a few mechanical problems with it. I have been shopping for a new work car for my wife for about a year and did not really like anything on the market. Our family car is a Honda Odyssey that we absolutely love, so I started with the CRV. I liked everything about the CRV but it's 1.5 with the CVT was miserable! The Toyota Rav-4 had horrible ergonomics and just abysmal interior materials. I'm 5'11" 160# and neither of the armrests in the Rav reached my arms. The Mazda CX-5 had a much too stiff suspension. I cannot even fathom buying anything from the domestic companies. So I had pretty much decided we would buy her a new Tiguan for work. I did not even consider the Taos because the price was too close to the Tiggy, I did not like the idea of the 1.5, and the torsion beam rear suspension. Honestly I found it insulting to have a torsion beam rear suspension on a $30k car. Except for my 1999 F-150 that I'll keep forever, every car I've owned for the past 20 years has had multilink rear. My local VW dealer told me they had a new Tiguan S on the lot but when I showed up it was gone but instead of leaving I decided to check out a Taos just to check it off the list. But when I drove the Taos SE it was absolutely perfect for my wife's commuter car, she drives about 250-300 miles and likes cars the size of her previous Tiguan. The new Taos is very close in size to her old Tiguan but feels bigger on the inside than the old Tiggy. The car is quiet, super smooth, has keeps up with traffic just fine and never feels slow. Probably most impressive is that over these first 1,500 miles we have had between 38-42 mpg. Extremely pleased with this car and encourage anyone to check it out. While I am not a huge fan of the way the torsion beam rear drives, realistically as a highway commuter this is perfectly acceptable.
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