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Sorry for lengthy description:
  • INCIDENT ONE: Parked at store grabbed wallet out of purse to pick up pizza
  • Turned off car
  • Did not lock door, I was 15 feet away
  • Key fob was attached to purse handle, phone was in purse
  • Came out with pizza, every door was locked. Could do nothing
  • Wanted to call for a rescue to my son up the road for my second fob (thankfully hanging up at home)
  • Again, phone locked in car, so ask to use store phone? Of course but duh, welcome to the new age. I've memorized NO phone numbers.
  • Was about to call a locksmith with his phone but idea hit me
  • Walked out and leaned against window near my purse and was able to get a connection to my Apple watch, it let me message/call
  • Son was fortunately home, rescued me with fob
  • INCIDENT TWO: In my driveway at home, going to work, opened passenger side, put purse with fob in the car, shut door and walked around to driver's side. LOCKED OUT. Same as above.
  • No biggie because I was at home and could get second fob.
  • Any feedback appreciated. I'm paranoid now.
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