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There is a Technical Service Bulletin (2068071/3 attached) that covers all 2022 Taos and Jettas with the 1.5l engine regardless of VIN or transmission. you get the update if your car throughs certain DTC codes. Do not know if they are now being told to update all cars that come in.
After I have read dozens of posts about CEL, EPC, and engine "slow down", I suspect there is a problem with the "VW mechanics" doing any kind computer update. I don't trust them anymore. There appears to be a "learning curve" with them. Perhaps VW is not training them properly or it is too complicated at their level. Many people change oil themselves, because they don't trust a dealership anymore. My suggestion is to buy an inexpensive OBDII device. Plug it in under the dash board. Look up the fault codes on the internet and see if they mean anything. It is sad that they even have to sell ODBII readers. When some cars first came out, they "hid" the computer port. By the way, my first official oil change on my 2022 Taos SE resulted in the mechanic over-filling the engine by two cups of oil. The dash blinked "engine over-filled" after about 150 miles". I removed the extra oil myself. You should not expect this with a brand new car. What has happened with VW? Perhaps they are too complicated now. Good luck when EVs have problems. They won't be able to even tell you what's wrong with it. When my Taos was new, I received a computer update over my phone. I sat there while it completed it's update. Maybe this is too complicated to even ask the dealership about over-the-air updates.
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