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Some things we learnt along the way.

- VW's OEM base carrier bars are too narrow to fit (specifically) the iKamper mini rooftop tent. Also, I found the OEM bars to be flimsy and not made as well as older OEM carrier bars. The locking mechanism is also plastic and so are the keys. One of the clamping mechanisms clamped too hard into the metal rail and left very small pits in the rail. You might find VW's set at almost half the cost of Thule and Yakima but based on my one experience I would say avoid the OEM base carrier bars.

- VW's Bike Holder Attachment appears to be exactly the same as Thule's ProRide XT roof rack. And you're able to find VW's version for ~$100 cheaper. Keep in mind VW's version has VW branding (in case too much VW branding is a thing for you).

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