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High Revs Downhill?

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I have a Taos SE 4 Motion I bought in March 2022. I had a 2007 Jetta before I bought this. I love it so far just have a question about driving downhill. Sometimes I notice it revs high and I can hear it audibly when going down some hills at slower speeds. Is this something common in a DSG? Is it automatically engine braking? Sorry not familiar with all the terms, but thought I would post here and see what others had to say. Thanks in advance.
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the way it works depends on many things. drive mode selected, % grade, speed at any particular grade, using manual shift mode.... I use 'normal' mode with manual shift in the moutains and it works fairly well. I don't give it high marks because my truck does it soo much better but the truck has actual transmission braking. it is within reason for a SUV or car though. most transmissions don't have real braking function which is why its called engine braking.

one thing I read is that eco drive mode allows the transmission to coast, so that would be very bad to use in hilly driving.

if the hill is long and grade steep enough to overwhelm the engine, the rpm will rise and you'll have to brake. this usually means you should have been in a lower manual gear, that will provide more engine braking leverage
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My salesperson did not go over the window sticker with me line by line... so last night I pulled the sticker out of the glovebox and have it on my desk... my SE 4MOTION has Engine Brake Assist.
yeah there are a few different modes. I think that is the general term for IMO, a not very useful mode. there is a hill decent engine braking mode and it is supposed to auto activate when grade is over a certain amount and speed is below ~18mph. I think the grade is ~12%
Hmmm thanks all for your answers! Yeah, drive mode wise I keep it in the custom normal. The only customization I made was to make the steering tight, everything else was set to normal. Just something I noticed compared to driving my older Jetta which I never felt that high rev trying to slow unless I was in manual shifting mode.
what was the configuration of the jetta? I had one before the taos also but prob very different. 2006 TDI w/ DSG (6 spd), it would also rev high when going down hills and trying to brake the speed but diesel engines don't create back pressure like gas engines. the high reving probably has to do with the engine braking feature (at higher speeds and lower than 12% grade). my taos revs high also but depending on drive mode it will upshift and then go faster.. not ideal

(btw, I drive in big hills so I try to use the gears as much as possible instead of brakes. I drive in the rocky mountains regularly)
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