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My wife and I purchased a Taos SE FWD at the end of 2021, and we are loving it. We named it Winston as he looks very European and proper. lol.

Already took it to Veracruz Mexico and back to see her family for the holidays. Comfortable drive with our two puppies.

Only a couple issues so far, very minor. On the trip we went through a slightly flooded area in Texas after it was pouring rain, so after driving and using the brakes A LOT (must have gotten them very hot) the brakes were wining very loudly when we got out of the water for like a good 20 min. Thought I warped a rotor but they cooled down and sound went away.

Infotainment issues as others here have stated, went away after some updates. (2 Over the air and 2 dealer updates lol) and pairing and unpairing phones, the taos still only prefers my wife's iPhone 12 over my galaxy if we are both in the car hah.

Let's see, not much else to say. Love the car hope it will last many years. 6000 miles on it already, we each have another car also so now we've enjoyed it enough we want to keep the miles off of it. It's just our weekend going out vehicle.

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