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I purchased a 22' SEL with a branded/lemon title. Needed a new car quickly since my old one was totaled by an inattentive driver. Saved a few thousand and got a car with ventilated seats, which are deleted on all the new ones on the lot. It was a buyback for customer loyalty reasons due to the previous owner complaining over and over about wireless Carplay disconnecting (common from what I've read) - I just plug the phone in and there is no problem.... If you can get all the information about why it was branded and you trust your dealer, then you're fine. VW still honors the full factory warranty. There are just a ton of branded titles out there right now due to supply chain issues and automakers not being able to do repairs in a 'timely' manner according to the lemon laws in various states.
How did the Taos hold up in the accident? I understand that it was totaled and that must have been a bad one, but did you get hurt? Was anyone else hurt? I just want to see what the crash worthiness is like in an accident that would total a new Taos.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts