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Gesture controls?

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Does anyone actually use them or get them to work. It’s such a silly thing but if I can avoid fingerprints on the screen. It seems to only happen by accident like moving my hand towards the hvac controls
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I fully do not understand them. If anyone does, let me know :)
yeah, I've played with it. it is hard to change the way I think about interacting with the infotainment system. the old car didn't have anything like this ability.

it is only supported on screens that show the hand icon in the lower corner, I think that only shows up when you hand is detected near the screen. then you can just flip the screen left or right. what it does depends on user settings and screen you're on. it changes songs in MP3 mode, it changes to next preset tab when on presets. if on the station page, it goes to higher/lower station. etc.
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It’s so sporadic. Just a silly thing I found humorous until I turn it off and see the giant smudge
I put on a screen protector on my 2019 Jetta because of the fingerprints and smudges. I will be doing the same with the Taos when I get it. Bought it off Amazon. Keeps it much cleaner looking in between cleaning the car.
Incredibly buggy and personally useless feature.
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Turned it off as well; it would not work most of the time for me. Until it works across every menu and works consistently, I wonder if it may be someone at VW’s beta or future feature. The hand gestures in the Oculus Quest VR mask aren’t my favorite thing, either…
The feature has been very buggy on my SE since purchase in August but since the recent software updates, it has work flawlessly. Does help with minimizing finger smudges on the screen.
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