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Digital Cockpits

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VERY hard to find out online, but what ARE the differences between the digital cockpits and Infotainment on SE vs SEL? It appeared on a quick test drive that the SE was a single "dial" only as opposed to tach and speedo and could only display in blue?? I am sure there is more and that might not even be acurate. But I would love to know just how they differ.

Is there a manual for these someone could link to?


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The S and SE has a smaller screen and there are 3 views to close from. One is just data - mileage, length of trip, etc. (boring), the second is the analog speedo with choice of data in the middle and the third, my favorite, is an analog Tach and I but the speed in the middle. You get all kinds of messages depending on what's going on with the car. I too would like to see any kind of user manual, the owner's manual is very vague when it comes to the digital cockpits and the infotainment systems. There was a separate addendum booklet for the cockpit in my S, they must have changed it just before production.
Thanks for that. Hard to find detail on both cockpits.
I have the SEL cockpit in my Jetta.

It is very customizable in some views and can display the Nav map in 3 different ways.

Mine is set for tach dial on left with radio data in the middle of it, speedo on the right with economy data in the middle, and the nav map in the center.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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