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I thought I would share something inexpensive that I purchased a few days ago that has "brightened" up the center console in my Taos. I found this small USB-C powered LED. There is a small switch on the side that allows you to cycle through 8 different colors. There are 2 brightness settings and there is also a mode where it pulsates or "breathes"

I'm including a few pics of some of the possible colors, and a pic of the light next to a US dime for a size comparison. Since I have only been using one usb at a time, I didn't mind sacrificing one for an LED. I wish the colors more closely matched the ambient lighting on the dash/doors but a few are close enough, and if your Taos doesn't have ambient lighting, then you could choose any color you'd like.

Automotive lighting Automotive design Entertainment Audio equipment Media player

Coin Saving Nickel Font Money handling
Blue Automotive exterior Door Vehicle door Flooring
Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Trunk Bumper
Automotive lighting Wood Amber Bumper Automotive exterior
Automotive lighting Rectangle Wood Gas Tints and shades
Land vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle Vehicle door
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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