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Refer to the diagram posted below.
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Tools / Items needed:

1) VW part number 5NN868837RM5 (new console with sunglasses compartment).

2) Plastic trim removal / pry tool or a flat head screwdriver (I suggest putting tape around the tip if you’re going to use a screwdriver).

3) T20 torx screwdriver.

Step one: Using pry tool separate #5 from #1 by gently applying pressure rearward (#1 is the end cap of the assembly with the three buttons in the center).

Step two: Using pry tool separate part #9 from #1 by applying downward pressure starting at the front and working around the perimeter (#9 is the lens that covers the lightbulbs with the four buttons in the center).

Step three: When the lens is removed it will reveal a black plastic box that houses the lightbulbs and the four buttons in the center. This part does not have a number on the diagram but is located directly above #8. There are four slots on this part two on the left and two on the right. Insert your pry tool into the slots and apply pressure inward.

Step four: Using a T20 torx screwdriver remove the four fasteners located at each corner of #1 (after this step the assembly should no longer be held up by anything).

Step five: Using your pry tool pull back on the two tabs holding the three button assembly to part #1 (you should not have to unplug any wires to remove part one).

Step six: using your pry tool or your fingers remove part #4 from #1.

At this point you are ready to install the new assembly. Install part #4 while the new assembly is out of the vehicle and follow the steps in reverse to re-install.

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This is a real easy install. The hardest part was removing the lens part #9 from the light fixture assembly #6, you have to very carefully work it off the fixture with the trim tool by going all the way around the lens. Once you have it off just wedge a medium size flat screwdriver in between the black and gray parts at the corners and the fixture pops right out of the trim. The whole assembly passes easily through the trim piece once you remove the 4 Torx bolts holding it on - no need to disconnect any wires. Removing the 3 button control head was a little tricky - you have to work a small screwdriver in between the 2 tabs and the trim part to pop it out. There are also 2 tabs on the front side of it too. It pops out from the top. Just pop it back into the new trim piece and screw it all back in to place. Don't forget to transfer the front trim piece to the new compartment. Also remember your microphone is part of the light fixture so test that too when you are done. It looks real nice and functions very well. VW should have just installed these at the factory, they don't cost that much. Good luck with your installs.
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